Home Brewed Coffee

At no time in history has the UK’s love for a freshly brewed cup of coffee been greater. There’s barely a city centre road that has escaped the pavement being invaded by tables and and chairs outside a minimalist café. Even the big chains like Costa and Starbucks are nearing saturation point, with outlets in nearly every decent sized town up and down the country.

It’s not just the café culture that has exploded into life, though, as a nation we have started to see ourselves as budding baristas, witch sales of coffee machines on the incline again for the first time in decades. More and more commonly, you’ll see your neighbours and friends presenting you with an impressive beverage, often from freshly ground beans as these machines now aren’t limited to producing with pre-ground filter coffee. They boast grinding technology that makes easy work of turning the humble coffee bean into a hot drink in barely two minutes, in simple to use pre-programmed cycles. Some machines are even getting to the point where they’re able to self clean too, something which has put people off in the past.

Here, Lizzy shows us how to beat some of the common mistakes people make that let coffee machine owners down: